Talking Mats‘ – one of the fantastic tools used by Y2K+ workers

What we do and how we do it

  • Y2K+ provides a specialist community-based service for young people (11-18) who have behavioural and attendance issues at school which impact all aspects of their lives.
  • Person-centred 1:1 and groupwork support sessions are offered to young people through a referral-based service (includes self-referrals) providing tailored supports to break down barriers of isolation and hopelessness and promote good heath and wellbeing.
  • Access to the early support and prevention approach adopted by Y2K+ workers has often been regarded as ‘a lifeline’ by young people who day and daily find themselves under increasing stress and pressure.  They are encouraged to make positive/trusting relationships with experienced Y2K+ workers who represent important points of consistency in otherwise chaotic and unstable lives.
  • Information, advice and advocacy is offered within a safe and nurturing environment to increase opportunities for young people to experience personal goal setting and gain a sense of voice and choice.  
  • Y2K+ delivers a diverse range of youth-led supports within informal inclusion drop-in services, 1:1 sessions, small groupwork programmes and stimulating, fun, diversionary activities.

When and where

Usually, 1:1 supports take place on a weekly basis for 1hour slots at varying times depending on the needs of each young person. Groupwork programmes (8-10 weeks) can be developed and delivered throughout the year in response to demand/need.  Involving young people in the design of programmes works to encourage continued investment and ownership.

Thanks to Children in Need awarding us an extra part-time post (2019-22) we can offer enhanced holiday and school break provision to run daytime activities and safe spaces.

Coronavirus and lockdown impacts

Our open-door evening drop-ins had been running twice weekly (Wed and Fri) 6.30-9.30pm with Y2K+ staff involvement. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown, all face-to-face services had to be suspended mid-March 2020.

We are unlikely to be able to resume open-door drop-ins for some time but as with all our services Y2K+ has been able to continue to operate throughout the various stages of lockdown using digital youth work methods. This has also been possible because our workers have built on the well-established, flexible, youth-centred approach which means they can reach out and respond to those young people most isolated and in need when each individual feels they can use support without feeling pressured to engage if they don’t want/aren’t ready to.  

Children in Need

At Y2K we have a successful track record of securing and managing income from major funders, including most significantly a relationship spanning more than 18 years, with Children in Need.

With this leverage we have been able to influence other grant makers who have been impressed by the longevity of that investment. It has helped demonstrate that Y2K has in place the management and monitoring systems required for reporting to larger funders. The addition of a new part-time post in the most recent award from Main Grants 2019-22 helped strengthen our case for approaching other funders.

Year on year our young people look forward to organizing and participating in their own fundraising event(s) for Children in Need Day.

If you would like to refer a young person to the Y2K plus service or you would like to self-refer, please download the form below. Referrals can be received at any time.