Girls Group start campaigning against period poverty

This term, a group of girls from Y2K have decided that something needs done about access to sanitary products particularly for girls and women who can’t afford them. They started by learning about who represents them in local and national government, and coming up with solutions to the problems they were aware of.

They used our Y2K twitter account to contact our local MP, Danielle Rowley to ask her to speak up about the “tampon tax” and have also been trying to get in touch with MSPs including Health Secretary, Shona Robison, about their idea to have a service similar to the NHS Lothian C:card service where people could go to certain ‘T-Card’ points to get free sanitary products.

Although they have yet to hear from any of the MSPs they contacted, the girls had a quick response from Danielle Rowley MP, who replied to their invitation to meet up to hear more about their campaign.

We are really proud of the girls for using their voice to speak up about an issue that they feel strongly about. And we would definitely encourage our local MSPs to get in contact with them with a response.