Seeds for the Future: Adam Kelly

Adam Kelly trainee gardener at Midlothian Garden ServicesWe are fundraising to keep Adam Kelly in employment and offer him opportunities for further education. As reported by the Edinburgh Evening News we are using Social Media to spread the word about the campaign. If you are interested in investing in the future of young people and offering them the opportunities that were once open to all, then become a sponsor to support Adam Kelly and his future.

Adam came to Midlothian Garden Service as part of his school timetable. He was finding it difficult to maintain a full time placement in formal education and was engaging in some risk taking/anti social behaviour within his local community. Adam agreed to attend school whilst engaging with the project and was told that this was no ‘easy option’. If Adam didn’t attend school, he didn’t attend the Garden Service.

After some initial ups and downs Adam settled into his work placement and became an enthusiastic and committed member of the team. He thrived in a hands on, practical environment and was accepted on the Programme of Alternative Vocational Education (P.A.V.E). Adam completed this programme and moved on to the Get Ready for Work Programme, provided by Midlothian Training Services (MTS), maintaining his placement within Y2K and Midlothian Garden Service.

This programme has now come to an end and Adam has been given an 8 week extension from MTS. Y2K and Midlothian Garden Service would like to recognise Adams effort and commitment to changing his life direction by offering him a one year contract, with the possibility of studying his Horticulture Level 2 with Border College.

However, this can only be achieved if you invest in Adam and his future. We need to reach our £6,500 target which will cover the cost of Adams salary for 12 months and provide him with the opportunity to break the cycle of unemployment experienced by many young people in Mayfield and Easthouses.

Adam has more than proven his right to employment and training and Y2K (MGS) would urge everyone that visits this site to recognise it too. Please invest in ‘The Seeds of the Future’ and watch them grow.

Returns for your investment:

  • For a £10 investment you will get a Seed of the Future
  • For a £50 investment you will get a Tree of Life
  • For a £100 investment you will get a hand made raised planter box
  • For a £500 investment you will get a two-day garden tidy-up*
  • For a £1,000 investment you will get a three-day garden make-over*

* (Local gardens only)

Many thanks

Sharon Stoddart
Project Manager (Y2K & MGS)

About Adam:
Adam Kelly16 year old Adam, our longest serving volunteer, originally came to our service one day a week as part of a work experience placement from Newbattle Community High School. Eventually, he started volunteering during his school holidays. In August 2013 he joined PAVE (Programme for Alternative Vocational Education) which meant he was able to continue his education, alongside spending three days a week with us, learning “on the job”.

In June 2013 Adam was nominated for a Midlothian Volunteer Award. All of us at Midlothian Garden Service are incredibly proud of him and delighted to have him on board. He is more than just an extra pair of hands.

We are now aiming to secure full-time employment for Adam through a crowdfunding initiative. You can help us by contributing through a donation on the Fundraising Page or by using the PayPal button above.

Young people often get bad press, but Adam is proof that young people are hard workers who care about their community and just want a chance to show what they’re capable of.

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